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Invest also on renewable energies

Private investor to run National Oil fuel stations.

The government will hand more than 100 fuel stations owned by the National oil corporation of Kenya to a private investor in a rescue deal aimed at shielding it's collapse.The move is part of restructuring process that will see the state owned parastatal popularly known as National oil,split into three subsidiaries under one holding company.


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  • Kevin

    45 w

    This is a quite the idea here

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      45 w

      I don't think this should be a priority.Renewable energy is where the govt needs to channel its efforts to

      • Jengaj John

        45 w

        @rukia_ahmed_abdi Sure,renewable energy comes first.

      • mercy nduta

        45 w

        Investing in renewable energy is the right solution for every organization.

        • Komu Daniel

          45 w

          Why can't the government do away with fuel completely and empower the private sector to dig deeper into renewable energy?

          • Princess

            45 w

            This is a great idea. Investing in renewable energies can benefit Kenya's future. By prioritizing renewable energy projects, the Kenyan government can stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and ensure energy security.


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