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Poland asks European Union court of Justice to do away with three climate policies.

The Polish government claim that the three EU climate policies threaten the energy security and fail to protect the wellbeing of citizens.The legal actions were put in place by Poland's climate minister Anna Moskwa in June. The first claim was that the EU ban on the sale of new CO2-emitting cars which may give rise to serious negative consequences to the European automotive industry among others. Secondly,the annual targets for greenhouse gas emissions set by the EU for Poland threaten the country's energy security. Finally,the EU's market stability reserve which aims to address the surplus of emission allowances in the EU emission trading system could cut mining jobs leading to greater social inequality between member states and increased social exclusion.

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  • Gorffly mokua

    38 w

    This is a climate warning!

    • Markus Lutteman

      42 w

      I agree with @patrik_lobergh. This sounds like a serious Climate Warning to me.

      • Patrik Lobergh

        42 w

        Hi Richard, should't this be a climate warning to the right wing Polish Government?

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