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I've been a green builder since before the term was coined. I did jobs that got the Carter era solar tax credit.
On one job I did in 2007 I did a small addition on a house that had no insulation and single pane windows. I replaced the windows with high performance windows and insulated the walls of the house then wrapped the house in rigid foam before putting up the siding. We also insulated the attic and replaced the boiler with the smallest boiler we could find. We lowered the houses use of heating oil by 80%.
I work for a company, Gemm Masterplanning, that does commercial energy efficiency improvements on commercial buildings.
We can help make your buildings more efficient, improve your lighting, improve your air treatment system adding germ killing equipment; we can add solar panels to your roof, add energy storage, backup power, vehicle charging... And the financing that pays for the work is assessed against your property, not your business so it does not affect your availability of credit.
A proposal we have out to a local truck manufacturer will reduce their carbon footprint by 90%. We are awaiting approval from the parent company.
Usually we can achieve a 40-50% reduction, and the savings in energy cost more than pay the financing costs, so besides improving the buildings performance and value we improve the companies cash flow.
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