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CSP has struggled to make an impact yet, in spite of its ability to produce vast amounts of cheap and dispatchable renewable energy. The reason can be found on a combination of very low prices of intermittent forms of generation such as PV or wind, and the learning curve of an emerging technology. However, current prices for CSP plants that can generate 24/7 in sunny regions are below 50 USD/MWh in Chile, and below 80 USD/MWh in most parts of the world. How important is it to have electricity when it is needed? What would be needed to deploy CSP technologies at a faster pace? Sunntics supplies AI based tools to design CSP plants and evaluate your investments Picture: Cerro Dominador plant in Chile. 110 MW and 17.5 hours of energy storage at full capacity

  • Muhammad Fahd Khan

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    Tool for supporting renewabale investments.

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