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Record number of species to be protected by the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species

Representatives of more than 160 governments agreed on new trade regulations for more than 600 animal and plant species, including the protection of sharks, glass frogs, turtles, songbirds, and tropical timber species. Experts say one of the most significant developments was the decision to protect requiem sharks, hammerhead sharks, and guitarfish. This is such a great and needed decision that I hope will pave the way for a bigger success at CoP15 (the COP on biodiversity starting in December)! While the CITES CoP19 concluded with many critical decisions, not all proposals were adopted. For instance, a proposal to protect the common hippopotamus was defeated. Common hippos are targeted by traders for their ivory teeth and body parts, and I wish this CoP19 would have gone a step further… It is now, more than ever, needed to protect the Earth’s wildlife. This year has seen a number of significant scientific reports which have highlighted the need to halt and reverse, biodiversity loss if our planet and human well-being are to be sustained. We really don’t have time and need to protect all living species now! Read more:

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  • Evangeline Wanjiru

    55 w

    Great Job UNEP

    • Edwin wangombe

      81 w

      Biodiversity needs to be protected... Kudos to UNEP

      • Muhammad Fahd Khan

        81 w

        Every life should be saved

        • Sarah Chabane

          81 w

          Too bad they didn't put the elephant on the list :( but it's great progress anyway!

          • Marine Stephan

            81 w

            @sarah_chabane I agree 100%... Let's hope the COP15 on biodiversity will be more ambitious

          • Tabitha Kimani

            81 w

            Conservation and protection of species is very important. Thank you @UNEP

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