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Hydrogen has huge potential in many sectors

🌍 Did you know that hydrogen is emerging as a promising renewable energy source with various applications? 🚀Although hydrogen is the simplest and lightest atom in the universe, it holds great potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 🔗 In this article, I explain how it can be put to good use in different sectors 👇 :

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  • Videlis Eddie

    51 w

    Amazing information thanks for sharing..

    • winnie nguru

      52 w

      Very insightful piece. Thank you

      • monicah mbesu

        52 w

        Thanks for sharing this piece of information. Its educative

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          52 w

          Amazing information.This is very new to me.

          • Andy Middleton

            52 w

            But only if it’s not produced from fossil gas!! Green hydrogen is the right choice; blue is not

            • Joseph Githinji

              52 w

              A great read , I didn't know Hydrogen has so much great advantages in critical sectors such as transportation and agriculture. I would love to drive a hydrogen fueled car ,sounds green.

              • Kevin

                52 w

                Brilliant research on hydrogen.It definitely has so many uses

                • Munene Mugambi

                  52 w

                  Exploration in the hydrogen Field is required

                  • Patrick Kiash

                    52 w

                    Great explanation, I never knew there were all those types of hydrogen. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

                    • Jane Wangui

                      52 w

                      @patrick_kiash its a great piece of information that most of us did not know.

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