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Reforestation Programmes Threaten Vast Areas of Tropical Grasslands

New research conducted by the University of Liverpool sheds light on the challenges associated with restoration and reforestation projects in Africa. Published in the journal Science, the study reveals that a significant area equivalent to the size of France is at risk due to misguided forest restoration efforts, particularly those involving tree-planting.
The study found that many restoration programs include areas classified as non-forest systems, such as savannas and grasslands. Planting trees in these ecosystems, which are distinct from forests in terms of structure and function, poses a threat to wildlife like rhinos and wildebeest, as well as to people who rely on these habitats.
Professor Kate Parr, an expert in Tropical Ecology at the University of Liverpool and one of the authors of the study, emphasized the importance of ensuring that restoration efforts are tailored to each specific ecosystem. She highlighted the urgent need to revise definitions to distinguish between forests and non-forest systems, like savannas, to prevent inappropriate tree planting that could harm these habitats.
Dr. Nicola Stevens, a Trapnell Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and co-author of the paper, emphasized the urgency of implementing large-scale tree planting projects, cautioning against funding inadequately assessed initiatives that could have minimal carbon sequestration benefits and potential negative impacts on both social and ecological levels.
The study also pointed out that similar issues may arise in non-forest areas in other regions, such as the open savannas and grasslands of India and Brazil, due to inappropriate restoration efforts involving tree planting. This highlights the importance of considering the unique characteristics of each ecosystem before undertaking restoration activities.

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  • Esther Wanjiku

    6 w

    Great research by the university ,I think the review is not addressed correctly though.

    • Elizabeth Gathigia

      7 w

      This research is worth reading ,, but I think Liverpool university deserves a climate love for conducting such a deep research

      • Chris Ndungu

        7 w

        Illuminating research that worth a read.

        • Markus Lutteman

          8 w

          Disturbing news, @george_kariuki, but shouldn’t Liverpool University be given a Climate Love for this important study, instead of a warning?

          • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

            8 w

            Informative research is worth a read. Restoration efforts must be guided by information to avoid doing the wrong thing.

            • Saustine Lusanzu

              8 w

              Worth research to read

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