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#"Kuusakoski Recycling" i Sverige
Now Kuusakoski Recycling in Sweden is taking another step towards a circular society by launching a brand new ITAD service for safe and sustainable recycling and reuse of your end-of-life IT equipment.
- By renovating and reusing IT assets instead of producing new ones, we significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, our service contributes to bridging the digital divide socially, as it enables access to technology for underprivileged communities, schools and non-profit organizations, says Magnus Mattisson, responsible for Kuusakoski Recycling's ITAD operations in Sweden.
Reduces carbon footprint by approximately 80 percent
Reusing a laptop for another four years, instead of discarding it and making a new one, reduces the computer's carbon footprint by about 80 percent. The decrease is mainly due to the energy-intensive manufacturing processes involved in the production of new laptops, including mining raw materials, refining metals and assembling components. If we talk about carbon dioxide emissions specifically, you save 280 kilograms of carbon dioxide per laptop and 55 kg per smartphone if you reuse instead of producing new ones.
Kuusakoski Recycling's ITAD service (IT Asset Disposition) consists of three different parts;
1. Express recycling – a fast, safe and sustainable solution for taking care of your old IT equipment.
2. Reuse – Profit sharing model for customers with functional and complete IT equipment that is less than six years old
3. Data destruction on site – fragmentation of memory-bearing devices to the smallest possible part size (2x2 mm) using a unique battery-powered document shredder = zero emissions for you as a customer.
- When you use an ITAD service, you not only contribute to combating climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but you also promote social justice by bridging the digital divide and ensuring that we comply with the rules that exist to protect sensitive data. A holistic approach that benefits both the environment, society and organisations, says Ben László, Business Development Manager at Kuusakoski Recycling.
About Kuusakoski:
Kuusakoski Recycling, which was founded in Finland in 1914, is one of Sweden's leading companies in recycling and an international expert in the field. The company offers environmentally friendly and reliable partial and complete solutions in all kinds of recycling (metals, electronics, construction waste, etc.) for private individuals as well as small or large companies, organizations and public activities, regardless of where you live or work.

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Thanks to a battery-powered document shredder, customers' data is destroyed both safely and sustainably, with absolutely no emissions. Pictured: Ben László, Business Development Manager, Kuusakoski Recycling.

  • Munene Mugambi

    36 w

    I'm sure the Swede will get behind this wonderful program to enable IT equipment recycling.

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