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The Amazon is not dying. It is being killed. This rainforest for 6,000 years: it is the greatest manifestation of life anywhere on the planet.

But oil companies don't see that. They drill right where the rainforest is most alive, spilling their black plague, poisoning our rivers, and fueling the climate fever. They are killing the rainforest and all the life it contains.

Now those same oil giants are ready to grease the negotiations at the UN climate talks, which will start in a few days. A huge oil boss will head the summit in Dubai, and hundreds of industry lobbyists are ready to feast.

We cannot let them speak for the Amazon.

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  • winnie nguru

    19 w

    Those first two sentences are heavy to read and internalize. This is the height of greed

    • Peter Kamau

      19 w

      The impunity that oil companies operate with in on another scale and must be fully condemned

      • zelda ninga

        19 w

        Amazon has to be protected by all means, the only people that can talk on behalf of the Amazon are the settlers. They should be able to attend the talks too... We need transparency in these talks.

        • George Kariuki

          19 w

          The urgency conveyed in the message is clear. We have to act now.

          • Munene Mugambi

            19 w

            We need to protect the rainforest and also the Amazonian people. The ecosystem and indigenous people are in danger from climate change caused by large profit making organisations

            • Gabriel Nyambu

              19 w

              Addressing the challenges facing the Amazon requires a multifaceted and collaborative approach involving governments, corporations, NGOs, and local communities. The goal is to balance economic development with environmental conservation and respect for the rights of the people who call the Amazon home.

              • Rashid Kamau

                19 w

                Such illegal activities are triggered by corruption which give the Oil companies the clear way to operate with no stumbling block.

                • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

                  19 w

                  The mention of oil giants' involvement in UN climate talks raises concerns about the potential influence of corporate interests in shaping climate policies. The appointment of a major oil executive to head the summit and the presence of numerous industry lobbyists suggest a conflict of interest, questioning the sincerity of efforts to address climate change. This narrative urges vigilance in ensuring that environmental considerations take precedence over corporate interests in global climate negotiations. #ClimateChange #AmazonRainforest #CorporateResponsibility

                  • Rotich Kim

                    19 w

                    This, forest need policies that protect it existence

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