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Ecological Overshoot
By: Kees Klomp
If I ask you what is the biggest problem we are facing today, you are probably saying climate change. Or perhaps you are saying the collapse of biodiversity. Yet neither are the right answer. The biggest problem is ecological overshoot. The ecological footprint of our modern lifestyle is much larger than the ecological carrying capacity of the earth. We are crossing ecological boundaries. Climate change and the collapse of biodiversity are just symptoms of that fact. The good news is that there is a solution to ecological overshoot. Indeed; This solution takes care of the ecology all by itself. The bad news is that this solution is called collapse. When we think of humanity, many people think of progress as the hallmark of our species. Man started as a poor hunter-gatherer, and has developed - through progress - into a successful and prosperous being, who is fully equipped. But collapse is also a common thread throughout human history. There have been numerous, very successful civilizations for our current Western welfare society that have disappeared. These societies have all collapsed. Every single one of them. And in all these cases, ecological exceedance was the cause! In all cases, the ecological pressures of human society were greater than those that natural society could bear. With a natural collapse as a result, which inevitably caused a human collapse. It is not very complicated or daring to acknowledge the ecological overshoot and the collapse in our current situation. The only difference with the current situation is that it is not about a certain civilization in a certain place on earth, but about all of humanity and the entire earthly ecosystem. This conversation is a nice glimpse into the world of postdome; a steadily growing movement of people who see the collapse as an inevitable fact. For those who dare to really look the beast in the mouth...


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