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New study shows move to sustainable food systems could bring $10tn benefits a year

Once more, the right solution for the planet is also the solution that makes the most business sense and can generate more wealth for society. The existing food production system destroys more value than it creates due to medical and environmental costs, researchers say.

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  • Joseph Githinji

    8 w

    This is an interesting revelation that will shape our approach to food production systems in the future .

    • Rotich Kim

      8 w

      This is great the study is focused on more biodiversity

      • Gorffly mokua

        8 w

        This study demonstrate the potential for a win-win situation that benefits both the economy & the planet..

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          8 w

          This is an important study and finding. The world needs to have a paradigm shift in food production. This will not only save our planet but also save the human population.

          • Gorffly mokua

            8 w

            @rukia_ahmed_abdi I completely agree. It's crucial for us to rethink our approach to food production & consumption in a sustainable way.

          • Felix mokaya

            8 w

            A shift towards a more sustainable global food system could create benefits a year, improve human health and ease the climate crisis

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