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Wil Sillen

20 w

New year, new #technology!

Researchers in China have developed a seawater electrolysis system (SES) for the direct electrolysis of seawater, without side reactions or corrosion.

The new method works via self-driven water migration to sidestep the need for a separate desalination process.

Obviously still early stages, but this could potentially drive up efficiency rates in #greenhydrogen production if scaled. Another key observation is that this could potentially also be used to extract key elements such as #lithium from water as well.

Could this be a new #energy turning point?

New electrolyzer to split saltwater into hydrogen

Chinese scientists have developed a new way to split seawater into hydrogen without using a separate desalination process. They incorporated a self-breathable waterproof membrane and a self-dampening electrolyte (SDE) into the electrolyzer, so water migrates from the seawater across the membrane to the SDE, without extra energy consumption.


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  • Daryl Cleary

    20 w

    This is great for green desalination plants which would bring drinking water and crop irrigation to drought stricken areas.

    • Tabitha Kimani

      20 w

      Research and advance in technology offers great solutions.

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