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Intensive Dairy Farming is not sustainable or environmentally friendly

Dairy (and beef) production is similar in a lot of ways to fossil fuels: it has been entrenched into society as something we as humans need. We do not need a huge amount of dairy in our diets, we do not need to have so many cows on the planet. Farmers have built their lives out of intensification of farming and this was/is not their fault- they were encouraged to do so, but now they must be encouraged to scale back and diversify or move away completely. Dairy and cheese making should become a niche and cottage industry.. People do not need milk or beef to be healthy and get calcium, this is not true. Yes they are sources of calcium and protein but they are not the best or only sources.🥦🥬 The argument to keep on producing Dairy and beef is around money, money money money...we all know big Dairy farmers make a lot of money.. This is not about what's best for people's health. This is not about tradition. Tradition can change, behaviour can change, nutrition and diet can change, we need to change because of climate change.

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    Finding a balance between dairy production and ecological responsibility is essential for a sustainable future.

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