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Sustainable packaging made with bamboo & sugarcane

Vaibhav Anant is the founder of Bambrew that makes sustainable packaging solutions since 2018. – The problem that the world is facing with single-use plastic today is a menace. It is a huge problem across the globe, not only in India, says Vaibhav.  Their products is made out of bamboo, sugarcane, and seaweed. They get the material from local tribes around India. Bambrews alternatives to single-use plastic has so far replaced more than 1,000 tons of plastic from the supply chain. Great work Vaibhav Anant! Read more:

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  • Aude Boulord


    83 w

    Impressive! And seaweed, again is part of our solutions, yes! It's great to hear from this entrepreneur from India. I wonder about the use of single-use plastic bag there.

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