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How much energy is in a kilogram of solar photons? 🌞
By: James Carter

This chart makes an interesting point in that it shows just how much fossil fuels we need to mine, drill and burn for a relatively small result.
Its not only very inefficient, its wrecking our planet with pollution.
Of course, while extremely energy dense, uranium has a whole set of other issues and consequently has many needs to make it safe. Which is why it's now so expensive.
What if there was another alternative?
Fortunately, there is: PV solar and other clean energies.
Clean, cheap and low impact.
Which made me wonder: How long would a kilogram of photons power this light bulb for?
The reality though is that the key measures for selecting an energy source is NOT energy density (though it could have an impact).
It's Cost and EmissionsApart from construction costs, most clean energy systems are very low cost to run.
Similarly, they have close to zero operating emisssions - unlike fossil fuels.
And those facts completely flip the script from consumption electricity generation to sustainable, renewable generation.
Yet we're still very far from achieving this goal.
Do you know how long a kilogram of photons could power a 100W light bulb?
How can clean energy make the biggest difference?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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