Oatly - We Don't Have Time Changemakers

Oatly is a brand that many of us know and love for their delicious oat drinks and non-dairy products. But beyond their produce, they’ve been on a concerted mission to change the public narrative about plant-based being “alternatives”. One of their more famous recent campaigns, “Normalize It”, helped to establish this narrative quickly and went viral online.

For narratives to change and for new norms to be established, society as a whole needs to think differently about what we consume, and Oatly has, through their innovative marketing, helped to define plant-based as the new norm.

Oatly is going to be attending COP28 in Dubai later this year alongside the other We Don't Have Time Changemakers - so register here to see them live on a dedicated panel!

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    2 w

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    • Timothy Ferriss

      13 w

      Oatly's commitment to changing the narrative around plant-based products is commendable

      • Peter Kamau

        33 w

        Good to see oatly doing great work with plant based solutions

        • Esther Wanjiku

          34 w

          Oatly has been doing a consistent and amazing job with their plant based solutions

          • Kevin

            34 w

            This is phenomenal

            • Saustine Lusanzu

              34 w

              @Kevin really distressing

            • Christina Carlmark

              34 w

              Oatly is a fantastic example if a company changing the rules of the game.

              • [Deleted comment]

                34 w

                [Deleted comment]

                • Princess

                  34 w

                  @traci_leigh I understand you're going through a difficult situation, but it's important to note that this platform is not intended for endorsing or engaging in this activities.

                • Nancy kawira

                  34 w

                  It's impressive how Oatly has used innovative marketing, like the "Normalize It" campaign, to shape the perception of plant-based products. By challenging the notion of alternatives, they contribute to a shift in societal norms around consumption, making plant-based options more mainstream and accepted. This approach goes beyond just selling products—it's about influencing a broader cultural mindset.

                  • [Deleted comment]

                    34 w

                    [Deleted comment]

                    • Princess

                      34 w

                      @paul_atkins I understand you may be dealing with a sensitive situation,this platform is not suitable for such activities, and I encourage you to prioritize ethical and legal solutions.

                    • Waqas Razzaq

                      34 w

                      Only the way we can held accountable to big organizations and companies to go towards sustainability.

                      • Rotich Kim

                        34 w

                        Oatly is a well structure company we really love to see other organizations embrace the same

                        • Sarah Chabane

                          34 w

                          I have been loving Oatly since the beginning of my plant-based journey and it's great to see a company involving itself in societal discussions such as the school milk scheme! Now my next wish is for Oatly to become gluten-free, I miss you :(

                          • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

                            34 w

                            Oatly stands out not just for its delicious oat-based products but also for its commitment to changing the narrative around plant-based alternatives. Their "Normalize It" campaign has been a viral sensation, challenging perceptions and contributing to the establishment of plant-based choices as the new norm. Oatly's innovative marketing goes beyond promoting products; it fosters a shift in societal thinking about consumption. The brand's participation in COP28 as part of the We Don't Have Time Changemakers underscores their dedication to addressing climate change. Catch them live on a dedicated panel, where they'll likely continue to inspire change in how we view and choose sustainable options.

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