Combining mussel-power and wind power for nature restoration!

As part of our hybrid approach to both renewable energy production and biodiversity protection, OX2 has undertaken a groundbreaking Wetland Restoration Project in Klevberget, Ånge municipality.

The goal is to reintroduce the freshwater pearl mussel to the Alderängesån river, bolstering biodiversity and ensuring the long-term health of the local ecosystem.

A river system in the local area that serves as the "bedrock" for mussels to grow and thrive
A river system in the local area that serves as the "bedrock" for mussels to grow and thrive

The Decline of Freshwater Pearl Mussels

Biodiversity, the vast variety of life on Earth, is vital for maintaining ecological balance and resilience. It is a key component of a sustainable environment and plays a crucial role in mitigating the impacts of climate change.
Diverse ecosystems are more adaptable to disturbances, making them better equipped to recover from environmental challenges. Mussels in particular are known for their vital importance to water systems, as a “vibrant FPM population maintains good water quality by filtering and purifying water”.
These have knock-on effects for other wildlife and plant life in the same habitat, as the improved water quality leads protects plant species that provide habitat for other animals, make the water safer and more tolerable to fish species, and filter water that makes its way back to the sea.
Unfortunately, however, its population and distribution have experienced sharp declines, earning it the status of a threatened species. Despite having 600 known spawning locations in Sweden, the species is threatened by ever-decreasing water quality.
The interior of the Pearl Mussel, which has an iridescent colour that evokes its namesake.
The interior of the Pearl Mussel, which has an iridescent colour that evokes its namesake.

The freshwater pearl mussel has a “widespread but fragmented and declining distribution across Europe. In Sweden, the mussel has disappeared from around 40% of the rivers and streams in which it was found 100 years ago.”
The presence of freshwater pearl mussels is indicative of good water quality and a diverse aquatic ecosystem.
By focusing on reintroducing this endangered species, OX2 aims to improve the overall health of the Alderängesån river and contribute to the preservation of aquatic biodiversity.

Restoration Efforts in Klevberget

The Wetland Restoration Project in Klevberget is a joint effort between OX2, Sportfiskarna, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and SCA.
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The project's goals are ambitious and clear, focusing on specific measures to achieve its objectives:
  • Re-establishing Freshwater Pearl Mussels: Through carefully planned habitat measures, OX2 aims to facilitate the re-establishment of freshwater pearl mussels in the Alderängesån river.
  • Improving the River Habitat: Restoration efforts will focus on enhancing the river's habitat by restoring areas that have been previously cleared, thus providing a conducive environment for the freshwater pearl mussel and other aquatic organisms.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: The project involves comprehensive monitoring, counting the number of freshwater pearl mussels before and after the restoration measures are implemented. The increase in the number of trout and deadwood, benefiting species like the redlisted scapania liverwort, will also be assessed.
  • Expanding Wetland Area: Biotope management efforts aim to increase the wetland area, creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits a wide range of flora and fauna.

LONA Funding and Community Engagement

The Local Nature Conservation Programme (LONA), initiated by the Swedish government, plays a crucial role in supporting projects like OX2's Wetland Restoration in Klevberget.
By involving local actors and encouraging community engagement in conservation efforts, LONA fulfills international agreements like the Convention of Biological Diversity and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.
OX2's partnership with Sportfiskarna, SCA, and other stakeholders underscores the significance of cooperation in achieving meaningful biodiversity restoration.


OX2's Wetland Restoration Project in Klevberget stands as an exemplary initiative in biodiversity protection and environmental sustainability.
By reintroducing the freshwater pearl mussel and investing in habitat restoration, OX2 is paving the way for a healthier ecosystem in the Alderängesån river.
We’re hoping that the incumbent knock-on effects of efforts like these not only make it easier for the wildlife in the areas we work in to thrive, but also provide more far-reaching benefits to the planet and its resilience.

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    It goes to show how everything is interconnected!

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      Very motivating

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        An innovative idea

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          Wonderful idea

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            This approach would be worth exploring as a possible way to simultaneously foster renewable energy production & natural restoration efforts.

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              Great biodiversity project by a company producing renewable energy.

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                These is good,a milestone stone, together will make changes in clinate never give up

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                  Very Innovative! Great Job.

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