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Climate Denial in American Politics is a detailed examination of the rise within American politics of climate denialism, the counter movement which challenges the accepted science of climate change.
Organized around the administrations of American presidents from Roosevelt to Biden, this book provides an unprecedented account of climate denial within both the White House and Congress, and the ‘climate brawls’ that followed. This volume is a rebuke to discredit the climate denier, their propaganda, and their sources. Gerald Kutney examines the evolution of American political thought on climate change and provides a comprehensive survey and analysis of the sordid history of the propaganda which has promoted climate denial and corrupted politicians in America. He uses direct quotes from primary sources, such as government records, to show the extreme and pervasive nature of anti-science opinions made by political climate deniers and limit any misinterpretation that might result from paraphrasing. Weaving the account of climate denialism in American politics with anecdotes from Kutney’s own decade-long experience of challenging climate deniers on Twitter using #ClimateBrawl, this book provides a valuable insight into the world of climate obstruction.
Critics’ Reviews of “Climate Denial in American Politics: #ClimateBrawl”
• Dr. John Cook (Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne and founder of Skeptical Science): “Gerald Kutney’s book Climate Denial in American Politics: #ClimateBrawl is a valuable handbook for anyone who wants to push back against climate denial online. It explains how to respond to techniques used by climate deniers such as deflection, ad hominem attacks, uncertainty, and one of my personal favourites—sealioning (google it). And importantly, it places the #climatebrawl movement—challenging the propaganda of climate denial—within the broader context of science denial throughout history, dating back to Galileo, Newton, and earlier. Kutney provides vivid history examples from centuries past using techniques that are achingly familiar. It’s an enlightening narrative that sheds light on our current predicament by showing that what we’re experiencing now is nothing new.”
• Dr. Andrew Dessler (Prof. of Atmospheric Sciences & Climate Scientist): “Kutney’s book is a thoroughly researched documentation of the public battle over climate change and climate denial. Kutney is in the trenches of the debate, so his perspective is unique and valuable.”
• Dr. James Hansen (Director of Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions program in the Columbia University Earth Institute): “The climate denial serpent lives, even as climate change emerges. Kutney rightly thrashes the serpent, for the sake of us all, especially young people.”
• Bill McKibben (educator and environmentalist): "The author has done the world a true service in tracking the history of climate denialism; this is an ignominious record of vested interest and folly that needs preserving."
• Dr. Michael E. Mann (American climatologist and geophysicist. He is the director of the Center for Science, Sustainability & the Media at the University of Pennsylvania): “If you’re looking to understand how climate change became so prominent in American politics, look no further than Gerald Kutney’s authoritative, and engaging primer on the topic, "Climate Denial in American Politics”. Having been on the frontlines of the social media “climate brawl” for years, he provides insights from the frontlines that will help you not only understand where denialism comes from, but how to join in the collective effort to fight back against it.”

  • Munene Mugambi

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    Resist corporations benefiting from climate change telling you how to think

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      15 w

      The incorporation of anecdotes from Kutney's own experience challenging climate deniers on Twitter adds a personal dimension to the narrative. Critics praise the book for its valuable insights into the battle against climate denial, with endorsements highlighting its thorough research, unique perspective, and its relevance in understanding the historical context of science denial. The book is positioned as a handbook for those seeking to counter climate denial online, emphasizing its significance in the broader context of science denial throughout history.

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