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Climate warning

Major US climate disasters occur every three weeks, report finds Fifth National Climate Assessment says nowhere is safe

‘Unprecedented’: That’s how an assessment, released by the administration of President Joe Biden, describes the toll that climate change is taking on the United States. Extreme weather events caused by global warming cost the country around US$150 billion in direct damages each year, says the climate report, released on 14 November. From 2018 to 2022, the United States experienced 89 climate disasters that each cost at least $1 billion in damages. That equates to one every three weeks, as compared with one every four months in the 1980s.

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  • Abraham Jok Atem

    32 w

    Measures must be properly employed

    • Princess

      34 w

      The consequences of such events can have devastating impacts on people and ecosystems.

      • walter lungayi

        34 w

        The frequency of major climate disasters in the US is alarming. This report highlights the urgent need for action to address climate change. It also emphasizes that no area is completely safe from the impacts of climate disasters. This underscores the importance of implementing effective mitigation and adaptation measures to protect communities and the environment.

        • johnte ndeto

          34 w

          Measures should be put in place to mitigate future climate crisis

          • rosebellendiritu

            34 w

            In reality we may take matters of climate change lightly but the fact is that no place is safe and if we don't act fast,more disasters on the way

            • johnte ndeto

              34 w

              A developed country like US should have measures in place to counter unpredictable climatic crisis

              • Jane Wangui

                34 w

                @johnte_ndeto most of the time,those with resources do not have many ideas whereas, those with great ideas have no resources hence its easier working together.

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