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Kevin Anderson is a renowned British climate scientist who conducts research at the universities of Manchester and Uppsala. He is a former director of the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research and says "if citizens use their power, they can establish a different power structure that will lead us out of the current impasse". The civil society movements and protests give Anderson hope that the turnaround, which is still technically possible, can be enforced politically ..." The climate currency ECO could be such an instrument to set in motion a social tipping point that initiates a paradigm shift in climate policy. Because in its function as an ecological basic income for all citizens, it makes the individual a decisive player in the fight against global warming. Consumers' personal CO2 budgets define the ecological guard rails within which we can decide for ourselves how we integrate climate protection into our lives - not whether. Consumption decisions we make ourselves are more effective than any bans or regulatory measures, such as the CO2 tax.

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