Taka Taka Zero's post

We are excited to share Taka Taka Zero's new video with all of you! There’s been lots of bumps along the road but we are still running TakaTaka Zero in Nairobi! If you have a moment, check out this video, which gives an overview of the project and all the progress we have made since it’s launch.

  • Evangeline Wanjiru

    64 w

    Wonderful conservation measures here by Taka Taka Zero

    • Patrick Kiash

      67 w

      Thank you @taka_taka_zero for the great work you are doing, continue impacting and benefiting our society.

      • rosebellendiritu

        69 w


        • Gorffly mokua

          71 w

          This is great @Annah lelek💚💚, Keep doing the great work! Looking forward to work with you in other more eco-friendly projects.

          • Munene Mugambi

            71 w

            Taka Taka are doing a great job

            • Tabitha Kimani

              71 w

              This is a great recycling technology.

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