No solutions: BRICS countries only talk about global warming in general terms

Although climate action is on the official agenda at the current meeting of the BRICS countries in South Africa, it is overshadowed by other current issues. Global warming has reached a new record this year and is not stopping at BRICS countries. China and India have been hit by heat waves and heavy rain, wildfires in Siberia are out of control, and Brazil is expecting an “eccentric winter” with extreme rain. But there are other more pressing issues for the five largest emerging economies at their meeting in South Africa, as became apparent at the start of the summit on Tuesday: For instance, the admission of new members, the economic cooperation between the countries in the Global South, and the design of the new BRICS bank.
The host country South Africa places the transition to a post-fossil economy at the core of its climate efforts at this summit. However, Pretoria’s “Just Energy Transition Partnership” (JETP) is not a project with the BRICS countries, but with the countries of the Global North. The BRICS alliance traditionally opposes the dominance of the “West” on the international stage.
The EU, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and France have already pledged 8.5 billion US dollars for South Africa’s JETP. The country is dealing with a severe energy crisis caused by its aging fleet of coal-fired power plants and corruption at the state-owned energy company Eskom. In the meantime, however, South Africa’s government wants to put the phase-out of old coal-fired power plants necessary for the JETP on hold.
Overall, the BRICS summit will debate familiar climate policy issues:
  • Climate finance by developed countries: The failure to deliver on the promised 100 billion US dollars in 2020.
  • Climate justice: Developed countries must act first and more than poor countries
  • Rejection of climate action tariffs such as CBAM.
Urgent calls to reduce emissions, expand renewables, or even a fossil fuel phase-out remain absent from the BRICS demands so far. Read more:

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  • Sarah Chabane

    42 w

    It's urgent for these countries to join the fight against climate change but it's not really like the other main economies are leading by example...

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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