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UK should quit ‘climate-wrecking’ energy treaty

The UK's official climate advisers are calling for the country to exit the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), citing concerns about the treaty delaying crucial climate action and leading to significant taxpayer payouts to fossil fuel companies. The ECT allows companies to sue governments over policies that may impact their future profits. France, Germany, and other major economies have already committed to leaving, and the EU plans to withdraw as well. The UK Climate Change Committee argues that proposed reforms to the treaty are insufficient, and continued membership poses risks to both climate goals and taxpayers. Critics view the ECT as a "climate-wrecking" treaty that benefits fossil fuel companies. Withdrawal by a critical mass of countries would increase their bargaining power and enable coordinated exit strategies. The committee stresses that the treaty is outdated and prospects for further reforms are uncertain. Compensation payouts to fossil fuel companies could exceed $1tn, and renewable energy companies have also utilized the ECT to seek compensation. Former UK energy minister Chris Skidmore has highlighted the ECT's potential negative impact on the country's net-zero ambitions and international reputation.

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  • George Kariuki

    49 w

    This collective movement away is a good sign of prioritizing climate goals over the protection of fossil fuel interests.

    • Joseph Githinji

      49 w

      I endorse this, if this treaty doesn't not meet the intended purpose UK have to quit.

      • Saustine Lusanzu

        49 w

        I second that, if the treaty is not aiming at protecting our planet they must quit

        • rosebellendiritu

          49 w

          If its not meeting the expectations that made the treaty to be in place,then no need to continue being involved

          • Edwin wangombe

            49 w

            If the treaty does not have the best interest for salvaging our mother earth then without any doubt the UK should quit ...

            • Joyce Waturu

              49 w

              They definitely should exit without delay.It appears that it's innate of the UK to refrain from change but they shouldn't in this case.


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