The participating artists in this year's edition of OpenArt in Örebro are presented

OpenArt is Örebro municipality's international art biennial for contemporary art with participating artists from all over the world. This summer, the ninth edition of the exhibition will be opened, and with three months to go, the entire list of 2024's participating artists are now being presented. This year, around 40 artists representing 20 different nationalities are participating and together exhibiting around 60 works of art in Örebro's city centre.

In this year's edition of OpenArt, in several of the artworks there is a desire to escape from reality and to explore our origins and the relationship with nature. Several of the artists reflect on the present with a focus on exploring conflict and crisis and the limitation of freedom of expression. Art thus becomes an important part in a search for community and faith in the future.
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Selection of artists

The selection of artists is a collaboration between producers and staff within the Art department. In order to broaden the perspective, different jury groups have been included in the selection.
The different jury groups were the children's jury, the people's jury and the art jury.
Some artists' participation is made possible by collaborations. Through the residency network Magic Carpets, participation is made possible for seven of the artists. The Public Art Agency Sweden is involved and enables Valeria Montti Colque's participation. Through ÖBO and the work with Hållstugan, Amanda Nordqvist is on the list. Through Region Örebro County's artist in residency, Mike Inglis can also be added to the list. Örebro Art Gallery is also part of OpenArt 2024 this year.

List of all participating artists - OpenArt 2024

  • Aaron Nachtailer, b. 1986, Argentina
  • Alex Rosa, b. 1985, Finland
  • Amanda Nordqvist, b. 1988, Sweden
  • AniAra, daily worklike-activities in Hallsberg
  • Atoosa Farahmand & Oscar Hagberg - Atoosa Farahmand, b. 1991, Iran. Oscar Hagberg, b. 1994, Sweden
  • Benjamin Nørskov, b. 1992, Sweden
  • Benoît Maubrey, b. 1952, USA
  • Bitte Alling, b. 1940, Sweden
  • Cecilia Jansson, b. 1975, Sweden
  • DAKU, b. 1982, India
  • Ekenger & Segerfelt - Agneta Segerfelt, b. 1957, Sweden. Helena Ekenger, b. 1961, Sweden
  • Ellen Freed, b. 1988, Sweden
  • Federico Lamas, b. 1979, Argentina
  • Filip Kijowski, b. 1994, Poland
  • Hamada Elkept, b. 1994, Palestine
  • Hanna Stansvik, b. 1987, Sweden
  • Johanna Väisänen, b. 1972, Finland
  • Karolina Oxelväg, b. 1989, Sweden
  • Kenne-Diss, Victor Jakobsson, b. 1997, Sweden
  • Lee Kuei-Chih, b. 1979, Taiwan
  • Line Bourdoiseau, b. 1997, France
  • Lua Rivera, b. 1989, Mexico
  • Marie Munk, b. 1988, Denmark
  • Mattias Käll, b. 1977, Sweden
  • Mike Inglis, b. 1966, Scotland
  • Nic Wilson, b. 1988, Canada
  • Peter Johansson, b. 1964, Sweden
  • Polina Stohnushko, b. 1994, Ukraine
  • Rebecka Bebben Andersson, b. 1984, Sweden
  • Robolito, Adriano Bohra, b. 1981, Brazil
  • Ronen Sharabani, b. 1979, Israel
  • Sadaf Ahmadi, b. 1985, Iran
  • Spencer Little b. 1976, USA
  • Stuart Ian Frost, b. 1960, Great Britain
  • Susken Rosenthal, b. 1956, Germany
  • Tamrat Gezahegne, b. 1977, Ethiopia
  • Thomas Nordström, b. 1967, Sweden
  • Valeria Montti Colque, b. 1978, Sweden
  • Waldemart Klyuzko, b. 1985, Ukraine
  • Wang & Söderström - Anny Wang, b. 1990, Sweden. Tim Söderström, b. 1988, Sweden
  • Yemisi Wilson, b. 1968, Great Britain
  • Markus Lutteman

    4 w

    OpenArt is one of the things that makes me proud of my hometown! I am especially looking forward to the artworks that explore our relationship with nature.

    • George Kariuki

      4 w

      So impressed by the inclusive selection process - including a children's jury! This is a fantastic opportunity to see art from a wide range of perspectives. Looking forward to learning more about these artists and their work!

      • Sarah Chabane

        4 w

        Exciting!! Looking forward to visiting Örebro this summer

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