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MAJOR NEWS COMING OUT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA The B.C. government and BC Parks Foundation have teamed up to provide $300 million to protect old-growth forests across the province — a move environmental groups have described as a critical step in turning local economies away from unsustainable logging.
Praise for the new green funding came from all sides. Ken Wu, executive director of Endangered Ecosystems Alliance, said the new fund will put First Nations “in the driver's seat.”“If you don't have the funding for the nations… it’s like asking them to jettison their primary source of revenues and jobs,” said Wu.

  • Raymond Ford

    38 w

    This is part of the plan that is setting aside 30 % of British Columbia's landmass for nature

      • zelda ninga

        38 w

        The kind of news we want to hear, our forest needs to be protected at all costs.

        • Munene Mugambi

          38 w

          Such funding when directed to the right channels will be very helpful

          • Gorffly mokua

            38 w

            This is a commendable step!💚 All forests should be protected at all cost!

            • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

              38 w

              The $300 million investment in protecting old-growth forests in British Columbia is a significant step in addressing climate change. This partnership between the B.C. government and the BC Parks Foundation is commendable, as it not only helps conserve vital ecosystems but also promotes sustainable economic development by empowering First Nations. It reflects the growing recognition of the importance of preserving natural environments in the fight against climate change.

              • Raymond Ford

                38 w

                @rukia_ahmed_abdi 50 % of the above ground carbon is store inside these giant tree's .. after years of relentless activism we are finally seeing the change occur .. never give up .. DO NOT EVER let the bastards grind us down

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