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Become a certified carbon footprint auditor in Egypt under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry For the first time in the Arab world, Professional diploma in corporate carbon footprint We offer the third edition of the Carbon Footprint Diploma to companies and organizations exclusively from the Volunteer Team Foundation for Humanitarian Action Whtch is Observator for UNFCCC, headed by Ambassador Mostafa Sherbiny, in cooperation with the National Quality Institute, for a period of 96 hours online. The study is evening and will begin on January 21, 2023. Hurry and contact us on mobile number +2 01028285548 This was done by an elite group of professors This is within the framework of the Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Initiative and the Sustainability Auditors and Experts Initiative and Climate Risk Assessment in partnership with the United Nations,

as we are exclusively Arab training pioneers and participants in granting an official license to practice the profession of a certified carbon footprint auditor. We explain how training covers emissions calculations in the carbon footprint diploma for companies and organizations that agree Companies with Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism CBAM, international sustainability standards IFRS-S1 and climate risk assessment IFRS-S2

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