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New study: Cold performance: heat pump beats oil and gas heating

According to a new study, heat pumps are superior to oil and gas heating systems in the cold, according to a new study. How well do heat pumps work in the cold compared to oil and gas heating? English researchers have investigated this question - with a clear victory for the often still controversial technology. A new study puts to rest doubts surrounding the performance of heat pumps in severe cold. According to the study, heat pumps beat heating systems that run on fossil fuels, even at low temperatures - by far: even in extreme cold - the researchers cite minus 30 degrees as an order of magnitude - they are more than twice as efficient as oil or gas heating systems . This is the result of a study published on Monday in the journal Joule by researchers at the University of Oxford and the think tank Regulatory Assistance Project. The researchers conclude from their results that the standard heat pumps examined are well suited for “extremely cold” (on average below minus 10 degrees Celsius) or “mild-cold” climate zones (on average warmer than minus ten degrees Celsius in January). Most parts of Europe have a mild, cold climate. The researchers measured the performance of air heat pumps and used real data from seven field studies that took place in Europe, Asia and North America. Researchers measure the efficiency of a heat pump through the device's coefficient of performance, which indicates the ratio of heat given off to energy used.

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  • Albert Dexter

    33 w

    The new study highlighting the superiority of heat pumps over oil and gas heating is a significant advancement in the energy sector. Just as this research contributes to sustainable heating solutions, services like provide essential support in academic pursuits. When I was studying, such assistance was invaluable in ensuring success in my written work and studies.

    • Thomas Tienso

      40 w

      This is true. I have a heat pump in my fathers old house just above the arctic circle. And it is a good investment compared to the already quite good prices up there on the electricity

      • Cynthia LawtonSinger

        40 w

        Good news as they are sold to us as not great in temps below low teens Fahrenheit!

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