Candela - Proud to be one of We Don’t Have Time’s Changemakers

We Don’t Have Time has recently announced us as one of their Changemakers - and we couldn’t be more proud.

Being able to use our technology to provide smarter solutions for society is one thing, it’s all the more special when you realize your technology can affect change on such a dramatic scale.

We Don’t Have Time came to visit us on the water and at our factory in Stockholm, Sweden to see our 100% electric flying boats that leave no wake, air, noise or water pollution behind.
They covered Candela’s journey from our humble beginnings developing a technology that was seen as cool but not feasible or practical by many in the industry to a solution that is now being introduced for public ferries.
We’re extremely happy to be counted amongst the Changemakers, and we look forward to the opportunity to share our vision of fossil fuel-free waterways at the Changemaker’s panel during COP28 in Dubai!
Make sure you register to attend this special event so you can see us on stage with the other Changemakers on December 8.

  • Princess

    33 w

    This is a noteworthy achievement for Candela.

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        35 w

        Candela's recognition as one of We Don't Have Time's Changemakers is a testament to the impact of their innovative technology in addressing climate challenges. The company's commitment to providing smarter, sustainable solutions is highlighted as they showcase their 100% electric flying boats, contributing to cleaner waterways with no pollution. From overcoming skepticism to being embraced for public ferries, Candela's journey exemplifies the potential for transformative change in the industry. The upcoming opportunity to share their vision at the Changemaker's panel during COP28 in Dubai signifies a crucial step in promoting fossil fuel-free waterways. Don't miss the chance to witness Candela and other Changemakers on stage by registering for the event on December 8.

        • Rotich Kim

          35 w

          Nice innovation we all need to support this brilliant idea

          • Gorffly mokua

            35 w

            Recognition well deserved!! 👏👏

            • Adam Wallin

              35 w


              • Diana Mumbi

                35 w

                When great minds come together, ideas come to life

                • Grace Njeri

                  35 w

                  When great minds come together something great emerge, this is great!

                  • Munene Mugambi

                    35 w

                    Flying boat? Maybe I'll hop on one of those and sail, I mean fly? So intrigued

                  • Tabitha Kimani

                    35 w

                    @Candela, the flying boats are really exciting and environmental friendly. A great innovation indeed.

                    • Abraham Jok Atem

                      35 w

                      I like the invention of flying boats. No doubt that one day I will board it

                      • Sarah Chabane

                        35 w

                        Looking forward to travelling around Stockholm in one of these flying boats 💨

                        • Christina Carlmark

                          35 w

                          A fantastic example of a true changemaker - get the boat to run on electricity and to fly!

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