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True zero-emissions cement gets ASTM Approval.

In a significant leap for sustainable construction, Sublime Systems has secured the coveted ASTM C1157 designation for its avant-garde, low-carbon cement. This certification not only propels the eco-friendly product to the forefront of the construction industry but also underscores a growing commitment to genuine sustainability, marking a pivotal shift in global building practices. Sublime Systems’ groundbreaking method, however, eradicates this environmental burden. Operating entirely on renewable electricity, their electrochemical technique eschews the conventional kiln process. In a departure from other ‘net-zero’ solutions that still demand carbon capture systems, Sublime’s method attains a ‘true-zero’ emissions status. Not only did Sublime Cement fulfill the stringent ASTM C1157 General Use specifications, but it also outperformed many Ordinary Portland Cement samples in durability and ultimate strength. These findings hint at a longer life span for Sublime’s products, offering a compelling alternative for the construction world.

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  • winnie nguru

    39 w

    Innovation at its best!

    • Gorffly mokua

      39 w

      Wow! This is a great achievement, it will play a big role in the transition to a sustainable future,

      • Jane Wangui

        39 w

        @gorffly_mokua we need to step into a future where we know people are safe .

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        39 w

        A great achievement indeed

        • johnte ndeto

          39 w

          This is great innovation as well

          • CHRIS NGATIA

            39 w

            Great achievement here

            • Annett Michuki..

              39 w

              this is quite an achievement 💚

            • dickson mutai

              39 w

              A groundbreaking achievement for the construction industry showcasing true commitment to sustainable building practices

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