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The SET Award 2024: The Inside Scoop
As we wrap up evaluations of more than 430 remarkable start-up applications, the anticipation builds. A heartfelt shout-out to our partners ScaleX Invest By Early Metrics and our global jury for their pivotal role in this journey! 🏆

What's next?
⚡️ We’ll be unveiling 2024 #SET100 List soon, spotlighting the top 100 start-ups set to redefine the energy landscape.
The SET100 List features the outstanding 15 – our 8th cohort of #SETAward finalists, leading the charge toward sustainable energy solutions in 5 impact categories

🎉The road to the Finish Line: Join us on March 19 at the SET Tech Festival & Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue. Experience firsthand the innovation and winning spirit of the five start-ups clinching the esteemed SET Award.

Your support has been instrumental, from our partners to our community advocates—thank you! 🙏 Best of luck to all applicants.

As we gear up for the SET100 List launch, here’s an intriguing glimpse into the countries and sectors our applicants are pioneering — a true testament to the global and diverse nature of energy innovation. 👇

Image of post in post detailed view

Image of post in post detailed view

Image of post in post detailed view

Image of post in post detailed view

Check out all SET100 cohorts in our online database 👉

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