On the 26th of November 2022, the awarding of participants of Hummingbird Institutional Awards 2022 was marked with a successful dinner. Phanicey Charitable Foundation, Mdalasini Relishes and Youth for Green Action Kenya emerged top, but the overall winner was the environment.
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Traditional knowledge and local solutions were the focus on the Director of KIPPRA (Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis), the chief guest, Dr. Rose Ngugi. She challenged each person to be an environmentalist despite their career fields. Indeed, the earth is a home to us all. Speaking on behalf of the C.E.O, Mr. Johnson Yeswa, the ICT manager of the National Youth Council, urged the youth to take advantage of such opportunities to network and collaborate since after all, kidole kimoja hakivunji chawa (one finger cannot squash a tick).
Dr. Rose Ngugi, Executive Director, KIPRA.
Dr. Rose Ngugi, Executive Director, KIPRA.

The Millennial Environmentalists; Miss Namukuru Melanie, Mr. Erick Mwangi, Madam Ann Nyawira, Miss Teresia Muragwa, Madam Cheryl Achesa, Mr. Emmanuel Muema and Mr. James Kamau; challenged citizens to take part in the hummingbird challenge of completing the life cycle of trees 🌳! It involves planting and growing the seeds of fruits and trees indigenous to their areas. This campaign is dubbed #stopseedabortion#iamahummingbird

Mr. James Kamau. Chairman, The Millennial Environmentalists.
Mr. James Kamau. Chairman, The Millennial Environmentalists.

Through the #stopseedabortion challenge, Hummingbird Awards aims to inspire at least one quarter of the Kenyan population to each grow and nature, at least, a tree. This inspires a nation with sustainability in mind, a nation that understands the symbiotic balance of nature. The #stopseedabortion#iamahummingbird challenge also see over 15 million trees grown to maturity in the country over the coming years.

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  • Eric Mwangi

    80 w

    Awesome initiative from a visionary group of youth

    • Patrick Kiash

      80 w

      Great work!

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