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Climate restoration and survival
We know we have to make transformative, dramatic change in at least five dimensions at once - in the next decade or so - economic, ecological, sociocultural, psychological/spiritual, political, organizational, technological. How can we do any of that without buying ourselves some time by trying to stabilize the climate? Most of these shifts normally take decades or centuries.
In Transmediavision USA and its partners, we're hellishly busy making an independent global documentary series on nature-based climate restoration: the kind of restoration that depends on regenerating the planet and using carbon-sequestering natural biodiversity and low-risk, low-energy technologies to remove CO2 and oxidize methane from the atmosphere. We're not talking about solar geoengineering! We're talking about accelerating, funding, talking about, upskilling, and pushing forward the justice-based and regenerative steps we need to take to try to return our climate to a pre-industrial state of around 300 ppm CO2. This is not a trivial task and many technologies are far from global scalability.
The documentary series is in late-stage production, with a global distribution deal and sales being negotiated at Cannes this week (at MIPTV). We plan to deliver it in July 2023. If you're interested in being involved, and especially if you're interested in taking on an executive producer role to help make it happen financially, please contact John Bowey at or Dr Phoebe Barnard at Many thanks!

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