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France: How Macron wants to use climate protection as an opportunity for growth

A million electric cars, a million heat pumps – and everything made in France. President Macron has presented his goals for “ecological economic planning”. “Ecological economic planning” also fits into Macron's vision of reindustrialisation of France and increasingly tough competition with China and the USA. Emmanuel Macron has presented a roadmap for the country's green transformation by the end of his term in office in 2027. The fight against climate change must be seen as an opportunity for growth, he made clear in a speech in Paris on Monday. Macron spoke out against an “ecology of renunciation” and said that protecting the environment was by no means incompatible with a “productive economic model”. According to the president's wishes, one million electric cars should be built per year in France by 2027. Macron also wants to create his own production of heat pumps; the annual production target is also one million of these heating systems. When it comes to energy supply, the country should completely phase out coal in the next four years. After his re-election in spring 2022, Macron promised “ecological economic planning” so that Paris can meet the climate targets agreed in the EU by the end of the decade.

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  • Esther Wanjiku


    37 w

    Macron coming in hot and swift. He is doing a great job

    • Joseph Githinji



      37 w

      This will go a long way in the roadmap towards greening the transport networks and creating a sustainable environment. This is a plan that should be supported by all means possible.

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