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No matter what your stance is on AI - it's undoubtedly the talk of the town. And while there are pros and cons to what artificial intelligence could become (i.e. a utopia vs. a robot revolution), there are also effects it already has on our environment. . 🌎 The Good: Efficiency + climate tools: For certain tasks, AI is simply faster and more accurate than we are. AI requires electricity in order to operate, but because tasks take just a fraction of the time, it may actually have a smaller footprint overall. Tack on the fact that AI is used to build incredible tools that map Earth's carbon stores and study the effects of climate crises, and AI looks like a planet-saving tool. . 🌎 The Bad: Huge energy costs: While in operation, AI may save some electricity - but to set up, it's a different story. Training the AI model accounts for roughly 40% of the AI's total power usage, and big players like Google found that artificial intelligence accounted for 10 to 15% of its total electricity consumption. . 🌎 The Verdict: We're in the beginning, and "we know nothing": AI is a shiny new toy that makes some tasks easier, but there is a lot that we simply don't understand. Because big tech companies are in a race to create the best AI, models are kept under wraps, making it difficult to study its carbon emissions. Transparency is key, and until we can fully study AI models, it's hard to say just how 'green' they can be. . . Read more about AI's environmental impact:

. Graphic shows a small robot in front of binary code. The factoid reads: "Artificial intelligence accounts for 10 to 15 percent of Google's total electricity usage." . This post is distributed with the help of Pixel Art Magazine. Pixel Planet Today is created by @Terrabyte. Give us a follow and keep up with the other stuff we're doing. 🌎❤️ . . #ai #artificialintelligience #carbonemissions #pixelplanet #pixelplanettoday #pixelartmagazine #pixelart #pixelartist #planetfacts #artivism #climatedesign #gamedev #gamedesign #indiegame #indiedev #indiegamedev #gameart #pixel #digitalart

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