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I would like to know what, if anything is being done to promote research & development into reversing the effects of climate change. Are there projects of scale towards replanting trees and providing renewables to the grid network? I am scared that there are a lot of dystopian scenarios being touted of a bleak future but instead of shocking people to action it is numbing people's psyche into accepting that there is no other alternative, so why change? What can be done? We have the basics on an individual level but I am fearful that unless heavy industry and in particular governments take action NOW any change on an individual level will be a moot point during the time frame where we can halt the pace of climate change.
At present I am seeing influencers and companies green wash and demand customers purchase at higher cost to themselves but maintain their volume purchasing. Where are the voices in government asking for a reduction in consumerism in general instead of asking for consumers to purchase more sustainable options e.g reduced packaging choices . Quite simply it seems no one is prepared to accept we cannot simply advocate for more sustainable consumerism. Consumerism as a concept must be challenged, our economy could be shifted towards buy but less. It can be done- if we all accept smoking is harmful why can't a similar scale of campaign act on disposable consumerism. I am frightened by the lack of bravery to challenge the status quo openly.
I am shocked no one feels able to openly challenge consumerism. I have the idea that the attachment to disposable goods is almost treated as a religion and an extension of personal freedom. My definition of personal freedom is to have a beautiful world where we share the ecosystem with a varied population of flora and fauna. Anything else is quite frankly inconceivable.
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