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Climate warning

Lützerath calls for help as police prepares for clearance to make room for open-pit coal mine

In the formerly beautiful area in Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany lays the village Lützerath which has become a symbol of the anti-coal movement in Germany. The village is about to be destroyed to make room for an open-pit coal mine of the energy company RWE. Nevertheless Germany’s decision to phase out of coal by 2030, government including the green party and fossil company RWE decided that Lützerath has to go for digging up the most dirty energy source: coal. It is known that burning this additional coal will put Germany’s commitment to 1.5degree goal of Paris Agreement to danger. Also it is not absolutely necessarily needed, as even while having stopped importing gas from Russia (which is used as justification for this destruction) the gastanks in Germany are being filled easily and sufficiently. This coal will be dug up for profits of RWE who advertises with sustainability but act oppositely. The police is now starting to prepare the clearance of the village occupied by activists to enable its demolition. Still, the activists remain positive that this village can be saved. The actual clearance is expected to start the 10th January. I hope that international attention can help to stop this unnecessary step away from the path to climate neutrality. The activists think that the village is still reachable before the 10th January by anyone who would like to support. Please share this news and help to build pressure upon RWE and the german government. Thank you! Recent media article:

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  • walter lungayi

    19 w

    This should be stopped...we save our climate.

    • Tabitha Kimani

      20 w

      10th January is not far but I hope this clearance and coal mining will not take place. At times one feels helpless but the war is not lost yet.

      • Ruprecht Raimo

        20 w

        @tabitha_kimani Thats true. But we've had similar things going on around the Hambacher Forst, an about 500h piece of forest in the more or less same area. It is occupied since about 10 years. Police tried and did clear it. Heaviest in 2018 and 2020. But now it is still standing. Resistance does work!

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