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🌊 OCEAN Action is CLIMATE Action! Dive into the Depths of Climate Impact on Our Oceans! 🌊
5 key revelations from IPCC's sixth assessment report, unveiling the stark reality of climate change's profound impact on our Ocean. 
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1️⃣ Ecosystems, and Communities under Siege: Climate change is wreaking havoc on ecosystems, putting aquaculture at risk and exacerbating natural disasters. Together with continued over-fishing, this domino effect is poised to widen regional and financial disparities among populations. With over 3 billion people relying on the ocean as their primary source of protein, the stakes are high.
2️⃣ Fisheries Facing Crisis: The industry-side of the coin, paints a grim picture for fisheries worldwide. At the current pace of climate change, a dramatic decline in fisheries yield is expected, impacting global communities. Even Norwegian coastal waters, known for their rich marine resources, are not immune to this impending crisis.
3️⃣ Human Footprint Amplified: Improper land management, 80% unfiltered wastewater, and burning of fossil fuels are intensifying alarming symptoms like increased water temperature, upper ocean acidification, reduction of the micro-layer and relentless rise of global sea levels. Our actions are not just contributing; they are accelerating the deterioration of our oceans..!
4️⃣ Threat to Marine Life and Species Extinction: Warm-water corals, kelp forests, and seagrass meadows are on the front lines of vulnerability to global warming. The potential consequences for marine ecosystems and carbon sequestration are nothing short of devastating. The micro-layer not just produces a large part of the Ocean Oxygen but it is critical in the processes behind the Ocean capability to absorb 30% of CO2. Reduced micro-layer->more CO2 left in atmosphere—>more global warming.  It is critical to safeguard biodiversity and address these vulnerabilities to safeguard the intricate web of ocean life.
5️⃣ Unlocking Climate Solutions with BlueFinance: Access to funds is a crucial obstacle in scaling up climate solutions. The report underscores the urgency of collaboration between the public and private sectors to pave the way for substantial climate mitigation strategies.
Ocean Community supports a debate on the drawbacks of too much top-level focus on E+S+G targets. We advocate for increased targeted environmental investments to combat climate change. Combining social and governmental impacts with environmental metrics may be counterproductive to critically important single G-s. Thriving coastal communities supported by Ocean abundance offer better opportunities for equitable health and wealth distribution and reduction of climate migration. For this we need to protect Ocean health. (#nosocialjusticeonadeadplanet). SDG 14 - Life Under Water, received only approx 2% of total SDG funding to date. This highlights the need for strategic allocation of resources and strong Ocean Stewardship. 
🤝 Let's join forces to protect our ocean. Spread awareness and ignite conversations about the urgent need for ocean action!  🌊💦💥🌱 #OceanAction is #ClimateAction #SaveOurOceans #IPCCReport #SustainableFuture #OceanInnovation #oceancommunity
  • mercy nduta

    29 w

    Clean oceans are essential to marine life.

    • Rotich Kim

      29 w

      We are looking forward for clean ocean for both acquatic animal and environment safety

      • Munene Mugambi

        29 w

        Hoping to see more clean oceans and to help marine life thrive

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