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Labeling system to finance climate activities

I have an idea of product/service labeling system that’s to use the power of capitalism to drive climate activities:
It's clear that one of the greatest existential challenges for human mankind, if not the greatest, we face today is climate change. While many of us recognize the urgency of the situation, it can be difficult to know exactly what we can do as individuals to make a positive impact. That's where the power of capitalism comes in.
I would like to see a labeling system that enables individuals, as a consumer, to make a real difference with every purchasing decision we make. When you see this climate label on a product or service, you'll know that your purchase is directly financing a specific climate activity. It's a concrete and tangible way to act and contribute to the fight against climate change in our daily lives.
Any company selling any product or service can theoretically label their offering with this climate label. The level/amount of climate financing provided is based on the product or service being offered, determined by an algorithm/matrix that considers negative climate impact of the product service; the more climate friendly product/service the less the company needs to provide and vice versa. By enrolling in this labeling system, companies not only show their commitment to the climate cause but also gain an incentive to reduce the climate impact of their products and services, thus reducing costs.
The cost of each product or service that carries this climate label is specifically allocated towards a climate-enhancing activity. For example, we could focus on restoring Scotland's Peatlands, which are excellent carbon capture areas. This approach not only delivers tangible results but is also easy for all stakeholders, consumers and companies, to understand, appreciate and show progress and results.
Key success factors for such a labeling system are simplicity and transparency.
It should be easy for consumers to make a conscious decision to pay a premium for a product or service that directly supports climate-enhancing activities. It should be relatively easy for companies to enroll their products and services in the system. And most importantly, it should be easy for all stakeholders to understand and appreciate the climate-enhancing activities that are being supported through this labeling system. For all stakeholders involved it should be transparent how much is allocated for each product/service and how much money is allocated to the specific climate enhancing activity.
Let’s face it. We live in a capitalist society. The monetary exchange based on supply and demand will maintain. Companies today produce products that has negative impact on the climate, and they will do so tomorrow. As end consumers, we are not always rational in our decisions and the vast majority of us will make purchases that are not always ‘climate optimal’. Acknowledging that there are various labeling systems to promote ecological products, these are exclusively for the already good. With this labeling system, companies and consumers are incentivized to take conscious decisions towards a better path. I see, obviously, negative aspects of this labeling system, such as greenwashing, risk of fraud, labeling fatigue etc. and by posting this idea even more negative angles will certainly be brought up to the surface. However, I believe that most of us, as consumers and as employees in corporations selling products and services with negative climate impact, want to be given the opportunity to do good.
Anyone else who would like to see such a labeling system? Or is this already such a labeling system in place, only that I’m not aware of this.

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  • Ajema Lydiah

    69 w

    great ideas

  • Diego

    69 w

    I think it is a very good idea. It is important to make end consumers aware of the impact of their choices, eventually pushing companies to reduce the environmental impact of their offering. I imagine something similar to power consumption score on real estate and electric appliances.

    • Mats Lennartsson

      69 w

      @Diego_213 thanks Diego for your input. Yes, some sort out of point system grid breaking down offering into impact dimensions on y-axis and score on x-axis. Easy to relate to as consumer and almost a gamification dimension for companies where they can demonstrate reduced negative impact as they reduce score.

    • Aristeidis Progoulakis

      69 w

      As you mentioned, I believe that simplicity and transparency are the keys to something like this. Labels that already exist for products made of trees and claim to come from sustainable sources have been accused of being, at least, unreliable.

      • Mats Lennartsson

        69 w

        @aris_progoulakis thanks for your comment. Transparency and simplicity are indeed essential building blocks in establishing trust which is needed for such a system/framework to work.

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