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Double climate benefit
The climate benefit of biogas is double because the methane in the waste would otherwise have leaked into the atmosphere where it is a 34 times more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. In addition, it is so good that the manure is returned to agriculture in the form of bio-fertilizer - without methane leakage and with significantly better nutritional value. It also helps to reduce the need for imported fertilizer. Truly a win-win situation that actually means that biogas actually reduces emissions!
The biogas system is resource-smart recycling that reduces the need for long transports, is circular - and also creates local jobs and income. But that's not enough. Certain types of biogas, such as that produced in Alvesta, are climate-wise completely superior to all other alternatives including battery-powered electric cars charged with green electricity.
In short, it can be explained as follows:
Livestock farming produces manure that is piled or spread on fields. The methane that is formed when bacteria break down the material then leaks into the atmosphere. By instead putting the manure into the biogas plant in Alvesta, the methane leak is eliminated by one hundred percent. By then also allowing the biogas to replace a fossil fuel such as petrol or diesel, the climate benefit when driving is also almost one hundred percent.
Overall, the climate benefit of refueling vehicles with biogas from manure is over 100 percent, in Alvesta now determined to be 115 percent. No other green fuel comes close to it.
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Lowest emissions of all fuels! Only 2.7g.....
Almost 5 times lower emissions than electricity and 27 times lower than diesel!
Above refers to biogas from Småländsska Bränslen.
The average for Swedish biogas is 8.7g and for electricity 13.1.

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  • Munene Mugambi

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    That's why I want to see biogas made affordable for African households to install as they already have the materials to use to produce it

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