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🌍 Join in now! With our free postcard campaign, you have the chance to actively support the ECO climate currency model and bring your concerns directly to the attention of EU Climate Action Commissioner Wopke Hoekstra. Why postcards? 📬 Emails often get lost in the flood of messages. Personally addressed postcards stand out and have a more significant impact. With our campaign, we want to address Mr. Hoekstra directly and encourage him to campaign for personally tradable CO2 budgets for citizens. What does the postcard say? 📝 We are calling on the EU Commissioner for Climate Action to support a legislative initiative to implement the "ALTERNATIVE CLIMATE CONCEPT". This includes - the introduction of a complementary, digital carbon resource currency "ECO" (Earth Carbon Obligation) - the monthly payment of the ECO as an ecological basic income in the form of a free personal CO2 budget for all EU citizens - the pricing of all goods and services with the ECO as a separate emissions price tag Participation is easy: Fill out the form:

SaveClimate.Earth will do the rest and send the postcard to Brussels in your name. Every single contribution counts! You can find more information about the concept at:
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💚 This campaign is free, but invaluable for our common goal.
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