Climate love


Climate love

Boom for electric cars - in poor Laos!

East-Asian landlocked country Laos is an LDC, least developed country, spending way too much of their meager resources on importing fossil fuels - but this is coming to an end! They are now promoting electric cars; green electricity is their number one income earner since they export so much hydropower to neighboring countries, but now they can use more of it themselves, save money, improve the trade balance and help the climate. Well done, Laos - let's give them our Climate Love!
See 59 seconds video LINKED and read a five minute-text (with pictures), in Swedish but Google Translate will fix it for you

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  • Edwin wangombe

    17 w

    I wish we would start hearing such booms of EVs in Africa

    • George Kariuki

      17 w

      Let's keep spreading the Climate Love!

      • Muhammad Fahd Khan

        20 w

        Good progress!

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          20 w

          Well done Loas, keep up the good

          • David Olsson

            20 w

            Thank you for sharing!

            • Tabitha Kimani

              20 w

              Wow. Go Laos!

              • Josh

                20 w


                • rosebellendiritu

                  20 w

                  Encouraging...a step at a time=good change

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