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How Kenyan Government can accelerate shift to circular economy

Rapid urbanisation and development have led to an increase in the consumption of products and waste generation in the country and across the globe. The United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) projects that by 2025, the world's cities will produce 2.2 billion tonnes of waste every year, more than three times the amount produced in 2009. This calls for immediate actions to sustainably manage waste. The Unep proposes three key steps to address the waste challenge: establishing control over waste; implementing environmentally sound management of waste; and moving towards circularity by considering waste as a secondary resource. Cognizant of this, the manufacturing sector is committed to transitioning to green manufacturing for sustainable development. We are witnessing more manufacturers embed circular economy and sustainability in their operations, for instance, sustainable waste management practices. Adopting a circular economy is about resources moving from cradle to cradle, where waste from one process is a resource in other processes, instead of cradle to grave, where the impact created by the disposal of products has a negative effect on the environment. The circular economy is based on three principles: eliminating waste and pollution; circulating products and materials; and regenerating nature. Denmark, for instance, incinerates its waste to generate district heating and electricity. They continue to perfect this technology year after year, towards the production of clean electricity for their citizens. Whilst doing so, Denmark continues to ensure that the operation of these plants has the lowest environmental impact possible.

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  • Elizabeth Gathigia

    1 d

    Its a great idea and the government should adopt it and support it

    • George Kariuki

      5 w

      Denmark's waste-to-energy is a great example, but Kenya can find its own path to a circular future! #WasteManagement #SustainableDevelopment

      • Felix mokaya

        5 w

        Ideas like this should be taken into consideration .The government should adopt to this idea and make use of it to ensure sustainability of the environment

        • mary Mwihaki

          5 w

          This is great the government should consider for the better environment

          • Chris Ndungu

            5 w

            This idea is marvelous, it should be given full attention by the government as well as adopting it.

            • Joseph Githinji

              5 w

              This is an incredible idea that the government should consider for a better and sustainable environment.

              • Edwin wangombe

                5 w

                This is an outstanding idea, and the government should adopt it

                • Alphonce Gichane

                  5 w

                  Rerecycle plastics 🫂

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