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Unfinished paperwork is kneecapping solar’s potential in China

In recent years, China has installed a mind-blowing number of solar farms and hookied them up to big cities with giant electricity transmission lines. But there’s more to an energy transition than just that. Just this year, China will install much more solar than it was doing just a few years ago and more, in one year, than the US has installed in its history. The growth in capacity will be huge. But the percentage of China’s electricity which is generated by wind and solar is still expected to grow slowly, by less than 1% a year between 2023 and 2030. How does exponential growth in new solar lead to just 1% growth in the amount of solar used? Because longstanding issues in China’s power market curtail the impact that new solar or wind power can have.

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  • Gorffly mokua

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    Unfinished paperwork obstructing the progress of solar projects is not just a bureaucratic issue; it's a barrier to clean energy adoption!

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