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Earth Day Games - Biotic vs Abiotic factors - Gamification

Climate change significantly influences our ecosystems, yet there is frequently a noticeable deficiency in understanding among many people, especially young children, about the essential structure of these systems. This includes an awareness of the two pivotal components: abiotic (non-living) and biotic (living) elements. In celebration of Earth Day, our complimentary crossword puzzle offers children the opportunity to explore biotic factors. Additionally, through an array of educational activities in our Noella Environmental Education (EE) program, participants will deepen their understanding of climate change and learn effective strategies to address this global challenge. Noella EE Program:

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  • Princess

    6 w

    By gamifying the concept of biotic vs. abiotic factors, we can engage young learners in a fun and interactive way, fostering a deeper understanding of ecosystem dynamics and the importance of these components in the face of climate change.

    • Louis Yuen

      5 w

      @princess_nel_268 - Thanks for the comments! Yea, kids love the games. They learn quickly too! I will create more games for them in my Noella EE program. 🙏

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