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Leading by doing for "move the money campaign"

In Move the Money Campaign, We Don't Have Time (WDHT) is not only focusing on what should not be continued but also is bringing the fellow warriors from other continents and are trying to pave the way forwards together. Julia Segal is Senior Program Manager, Climate Finance, Environment Defense Fund, Canada. She worked in financial investment and has seen the impacts of investment on renewables very closely. It gave her the insight about the gaps and weaknesses of renewable energy sector in her own country and she shifted to work for financial policies, which shall create a conducive environment for growth of cleaner and sustainable industries.
Ingmar Rentzhog and Julia Segal both are from finance background, and both have left their comfort zone to respond to the inner call to take climate action. Both with their core domain expertise have effortlessly identified the forces which are holding the investors back from renewable and sustainable industrial solutions.
Few powerful factors are hindering the growth and progress of renewables. It is lack of trust, denial of political leaders about the ground reality, which is shaken by climate change adversities. It is loyalty of the political leaders to the donors from oil and gas sectors, who are funding their election campaigns. It is active lobbying of oil and gas industries. All these factors are stopping the growth of the unicorns with sustainable solutions. This barrier is to be broken. Enough regulations are to be built and are to be promoted to introduce renewables at a desired scale and required pace.
The representation of Oil and Gas industries in Corporate Board rooms are very strong. One in five Directors in leading Canadian Institutions are connected to Oil and Gas Industry.
Transparency and aligned momentum can make the difference. Two third of population asked for climate change in Canada. Yet, political leaders and major banks are still choosing to cling to carbon. But this inertia of major banks and political leaders shall not deter the actions of committed teams like WDHT or EDF Canada from doing what needs to be done.
The tide shall turn, and sustainable development shall take place for survival of the world.

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  • Elizabeth Gathigia

    3 w

    The work WDHT is doing is incredibly amazing and it serves much more 💚💚💚💚


      3 w

      @elizbeth_gathigia I agree with you and even though it seems daunting, it shall succeed.

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