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10 steps you can take to become a more conscious consumer 1. Look into the products you purchase. Check out the mission page or transparency page before you purchase from them. 2. Follow the 17 SDG’s to learn more about the global efforts to combat this climate crises. 3. Partner up with Climate Realty Project to learn the truth about what our world is going through. 4. Become an R2R sponsor for our Long Term Goals. ( 5. Start composting, ether start doing it on your own with (, work with your town to start it up, or sign up for a composting subscription in your area. ( 6. Take a look at Earth Ships by Mike Reynolds. ( 7. If you can get a rain water capturing system for your home or apparent. 8. Watch the Stories of Stuff documentary to help you understand the linear economy. Narrated by Annie Leonard. ( 9. Start Growing vegetables with Eve Growing ( 10. Down load Ecosia as your new search engine. (

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