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Culebra leads the way to energy independence: the first community-owned solar utility in Puerto Rico takes shape

Culebra, Puerto Rico is taking steps to become the first solar-powered community in the region. The community-based solar and storage pilot project led by Environmental Defense Fund, Fundación Colibri is the first of its kind in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Its goal is to bring clean, affordable, and reliable electricity to more than 40 households on the island, with priority given to the elderly, families with children, and those with special needs.
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The pilot is part of Culebra's vision to become a "resilient island" and to advance energy independence after the island-wide blackout in Puerto Rico and the numerous power disruptions due to hurricanes Maria and Irma. The residents of Culebra have come together to launch energy initiatives and make their community resilient in the face of climate change.
The project is expected to yield $2,600 in annual savings for subscribers and lead to a reduction of 1076 MT CO2e annually. The community-owned solar utility is a crucial component of Culebra's journey toward becoming a solar-powered island. An inspiring story for other similar communities!

U.S. Secretary of Energy Visits Community-based Solar Energy Project in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Statement from Daniel Whittle, Senior Director, Caribbean at Environmental Defense Fund

Groundbreaking Clean Energy Pilot Brings Reliable Energy to the Island Municipality of Culebra in Puerto Rico

Groundbreaking clean energy pilot brings reliable energy to the island municipality of Culebra in Puerto Rico

Solarizing the Island of Culebra, Puerto Rico: Rate-Design Model and Analysis

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  • zelda ninga

    4 w

    It's good to see a community working together on sustainability

    • Godfrey Bayyo

      6 w


      • Edwin wangombe

        16 w

        I wish governments such as the kenyan govt could give opportunities to the community to start private/community solar utilities to boost energy supply and transition towards green energy

        • Tabitha Kimani

          16 w

          This community must be very proud. Great achievement.

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