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The development of guidelines for sustainable preventive conservation strategies is one of the tasks within Work Package 2 “Tools for Greener Preventive Conservation”. To address this goal, damage functions specific to vulnerable materials are necessary to describe failure mechanisms in objects such as manuscripts on parchment, panel paintings and wooden sculptures. Therefore, the team from IKIFP will focus on the development of physical models of historical objects and in situ monitoring of damage development. Both activities aim to support guidelines for sustainable environmental control in museums and historic buildings.
This task will be based on the on-site scanning of parchment sheets in their storage locations with the 3D Digital Microscope at selected intervals to follow a possible increase of irreversible curling produced by current environmental variations. Recently, the Dominican Monastery in Krakow invited researchers from IKIFP to its Romanesque walls to select parchment documents from the early 16th-century for monitoring the climate-induced mechanical response of objects before and after conservation.
Parallel to that, an acoustic emission system is being mounted on a 16th-century wooden sculpture to verify if moving the object from a historical church with a relatively humid environment to an exhibition at the Royal Wawel Castle with a well-controlled museum environment brings any risk of cracking.
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