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Sarah Chabane

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Extinction Rebellion

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Activists hijack car advertising demanding to #banfossilads

In Brussels, and more cities in Europe, three activist groups (Subvertisers' International, Brandalism and Extinction Rebellion) targeted Toyota and BMW by placing parody advertising billboards just as the European Motor Show gets underway. They are calling on governments to introduce "tobacco-style" advertising bans on environmentally harmful products, such as SUVs. "Toyota and BMW use slick marketing campaigns to promote over-sized SUV models that clog up urban neighbourhoods," said Brandalism spokesperson Tona Merriman, adding that these large vehicles present an increased risk to pedestrians. The activists are asking for cities to ban fossil fuel advertising as some have already decided to ban commercials for harmful products such as tobacco, alcohol or sugary products. The action in the past few days has been organised by activists who hacked into more than 400 commercial advertising billboards and bus stops across the UK, Belgium, France and Germany. Members use a tactic called "subertivising", which is the act of making spoofs or parodies in relation to political advertisement

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  • Tabitha Kimani

    18 w

    Let them manufacture E.V cars.

    • Muhammad Fahd Khan

      18 w


      • zelda ninga

        18 w

        It doesn't make sence when any goverment is allowing manufacture of anthing that is harmful to the enviroment at this era.

        • George Kariuki

          18 w

          The activists' actions reflect growing concerns about the environmental impact of SUVs and the role of advertising in promoting them.

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