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Following Germany's Deutschlandticket, France to launch €49 rail pass

After the success of the 49€ Deutschlandticket, France couldn't help but be inspired by its favourite neighbour. The French government has announced the implementation of a 49€ rail pass, offering travellers unlimited access to TER regional services and intercity trains.
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The upcoming French pass will require pass-holders to pay a nominal monthly fee of €49, unlocking limitless travel possibilities on TER trains connecting local destinations within French regions. This includes well-traveled routes such as Bordeaux to Arcachon and Marseille to Toulon, where regular commuters stand to save substantial amounts annually.
Intercity trains, which operate between major French cities, are also covered by the pass, offering an economical alternative for travellers who frequently journey between Paris and Toulouse or Bordeaux and Nice. The pass's cost-effectiveness becomes evident when considering that a same-day ticket for an intercity train trip between Paris and Toulouse can approach €94, nearly twice the proposed price of the public transport pass. In the future, the pass could extend its coverage to encompass local bus, metro, and tram services. It's great to see the Deutschlandticket inspire other countries such as France. When can we see a Euroticket?

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    40 w

    This is a great move!

    • Johannes Luiga

      40 w

      Really great!

      • Ann Nyambura

        40 w

        A smart move for sustainable travel.

        • Gorffly mokua

          40 w

          Great news and good marketing strategy.

          • Princess

            40 w

            This is a fantastic initiative that will make train travel more accessible for people and encourage sustainable transportation.

            • Marine Stephan

              40 w

              This is great! A very good way to promote trains! I hope the train system will also be developed a bit more for it to really be an alternative to planes!

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